Thursday, July 12, 2007

"These are My People"

I heard this song ( today while doing laundry.... It made me think of Dax... his hometown.... his friends and the connection they all have to one another. I feel like our little piece of the world here in the Hill Country is gonna be that way for our kids. I never thought that the nomads that Dax and I are would stay in one place too long, but now I can't imagine being far from here.......... Oh heck, I just jinxed us :)

We just got back from visiting Dax's hometown and "people". It a was a great time. And fortunately, although I was a little under the weather I waited till we returned to get sick as a dog! We saw most of the family. We laughed and played and ate good food. The kids enjoyed grandparents, cousins, and b-day presents. Robin's best friend Cheryl's came by and we met her baby for the first time. He is just a sweet little doll. It is great to see new life after such a profound loss.

We were able to visit Robin's grave for the first time. It is a beautiful memorial.... very fitting for her beautiful life. We also saw the cross that was placed where the wreck happened........ it is amazing..... blue like her car (she loved that car)..... funky.....classy........ beautiful..... *miss that little sister..... super cool aunt*

When we returned home, I hit the bed and have hardly gotten out except to feed kids, change the babysitter (Oh dear.... unless you have kids and what feels like the worst flu ever.... don't look down on me for saying that TV is a GREAT babysitter), and wipe bottoms...........ahhhhhhhhh
~Restless kids, Messy house, dishes piled to the ceiling, sick mom who needs a manicure and has aweful dark roots....... poor dad who has had to listin to me gripe, rub my feet, and hold me when I cry~ I love you, Dax!

Monday, July 2, 2007

Divas, dogs and babies

We celebrated our little divas birthday last Friday! Wow, what a blast! 11 little girls all dressed up being super girlie and proud ;) I am glad that I didn't have to clean up after it. We had it at this cool place:!

Today, I took all four kids and the puppy to the Vet. Ahhhhhhhh..... we were only there forty minutes but it felt like an eternity :) They were well behaved BUT the are children after all. To make it worse I had a bit of sticker shock $90 for a check up and 2 shots! MAN, I should be a vet..........
I keep saying I want to adopt another baby, Dax says he would like to have a little money left at the end of a pay period............... there is something to that :)
Check out my Things I want to do before my next B-day under my b-day picture. I am sure I will add more and hopefully cross most off by next year!!!!