Monday, March 30, 2009

Bella & Rowan came to visit....

oh and Lesley....but I don't have any pictures to prove it! How did I let that happen?!?! She looks so beautiful and is even pregnant with #3. Dax and I had the privilege of watching Bella and Rowan while Lesley went to her cousins baby shower. These 2 are little angels! Bella has this great spunk about smart and fun! She clicked with the boys & the girls. They played and played! And from time to time I would get a hug or hold my hand while we play from her :-) Bella wanted us to play musical chairs (a game she plays with her Grandma). My kids thought that was super fun. Then they wanted me to come up with other games to play. I had to google some old kid games to remember just how to play! We played colored eggs (every ones fav), mother may I, and red light green light. It was fun and we even got Dax to play.
Ok, so now about the little man Rowan...awe... he reminds me so much of Jax. He is so little but he already has a big, tough guy attitude, yet is still good for a cuddle. He will fill the BIG BROTHER role perfectly, it is what he was made for just like Jax! He puffs out his chest when he walks. His eyes twinkle when he sees his Mom....what a sweetheart! Here are some snapshots I took of our snack picnic and playtime....THANK YOU Lesley & Brett for sharing your sweet babies with us!

Thursday, March 26, 2009


Our sweet Nephew was our warm up for being parents. We just love this boy to pieces! We would go visit most weekends after his birth and just stare at him sleeping for hours!

Happy Boy!

Loving my belly when prego with the girls!

Seventh B-day!

Being the Cool Teen he is.... his request was for Bluebell Ice Cream instead of a birthday cake!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The Letter W

The Babies are 5 years Old!

Five year old backseat conversation:

"This is the Movie Witch Mountian!" Ollie proclaimed, "I don't know why they call it Witch Mountain!?! Mommy do you?"

My niece quickly replied,"I know..... there is a Mountain and they are tring to figure WHICH Mountain it is........"

Ollie was pleased with this answer ;-)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fort Middlebrooks

We left the swing set at our old house promising the kids we would get something new for the new house. The first weekend we got them a trampoline....which they love but still wanted a playset. Dax and I have been searching for something that would be just perfect for our large crew and friends. The BIG problem is that everything was way too expensive and not just right! We decided to design & build our own. Dax researched online and came up with a good plan. My brother gave us a ton of srap fence board and we purchased the rest. We were fortunate to buy a used 10ft slide for $40 which is regularly $340....YEAH. Anyway, we are still waiting on the bars we purchased online to build the monkey bars.
De & I made the ladder!

The pulley is a BIG hit!

Here are some of our homemade signs!

We have had so much fun working on this project as a family. Dax did the main bulk of work but he had tons of help......both of our nephews & our kids! Delaney worked the 2nd hardest! She was always out there with Dax, never left his side!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Picnic Time

Last week, these 2 sweet cousins decided to make their own picnic. They asked permission and I told them OK! Later, I looked out to find them and their snacks all set up on the trampoline.

They are the best of friends and love each other soooooo much!

It is so hard to believe that they are about to be 5 years old and start kindergarten! Wasn't it just yesterday that Leah and I found out that we were pregnant? ;-)

Oh and these 2 will soon be 13 years old.......WOW!