Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Making me Happy today: my new Vibram Five Fingers!

To busy to say more :-)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Hump Day!

Making me Happy today is the sweet Valentine I got from my hubby!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

I am so FAR behind....

Wow, long time NO blog ;-) Well, maybe I can get caught up....... here is what we have been up to:
  • school/ work
  • studying, studying, studying, studying....(me...and it NEVER STOPS)

  • playing

  • cuddling (it has been an oddly cold winter here but making fires has been so much fun)

  • Reading to Ollie's class and Jax's class (Me and it was sooo FUN!!!)

  • Junior Achievement: Dax has been going once a week to teach JA to Jax's 2nd grade class. He LOVES it. From what Jax tells me the class thinks he is the COOLEST DAD EVER! I am super proud of him for this.... and KNOW he is the COOLEST DAD ever!!!

  • eating (mostly JUNK.... gaining weight... yikes)

  • sleeping (oh way tooooo little for me.... going to bed after midnight and waking at 5am 2x's a week....uhggg)

  • Jax, Emma, Delaney ran their 1st 5k in 42 minutes with Dax. I was SUPER impressed! That is better than my 1st 5k that I ran at 29 yrs. Waaahoooooo, my kids ROCK!!!!

  • DI (yeah these meetings/ tournament.... OVER)

  • Soccer (Ollie)

  • Baseball (Jax)

  • Volleyball (starting Monday-Emma & Dede)

  • making our house the messiest place on the earth ;-)

  • creating DIRTY clothes faster than we are cleaning....way faster!!!

  • My sister & I went to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston: something I needed to do for school.... but oh ART... another one of my passions... it was WONDERFUL! I enjoyed the day with Leah too :-)

  • Seeing Stomp with Dax! It was awesome. I had to go to for a class project but am so glad that I did!

  • Mary (Dax's mom) took the kids to her mom's house for some family fun & to give us a break....which is when we went to stomp!

  • being sick (me mostly....thank goodness)

  • Tear Fest 2010: Me- about always being sick, messy house, dirty clothes, and generally feeling like the WORST mom/ wife/ friend on the planet. Luckily after sobbing to Dax, I feel much better....this was during the middle of last week.

  • Oh, Dax, Leah, Will & I went to the Houston Rodeo (Kenny Chesney)...but I was like a zombie because I had only had 4hrs of sleep the night before..... I didn't have even a sip of alcohol but I was tripping and swaying when standing still.....but I fit in with all the other women who looked ridiculous because they were sad! It still was fun. The tickets were FREE and on the CLUB level!!!! I CAN'T wait because Leah & I are going to see Toby Keith this coming Friday night.....yippeeeeeee! WE LOVE TOBY KEITH ;-)

  • Today, we went to see a performance of Junie B. Jones and a little Monkey Business. It was a great experience. We will be hooked on this theater!!! This was something else I had to do for school... it is a tough life HAVING to do such HARD things ;-)