Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Is it really November 2011?

I can't believe it has been so long since I last blogged! I guess to say life has been a whirlwind is an understatement. We moved back into our LOVELY house at the end of Feb. It took a while to unpack and I still haven't really gotten the house decorated totally.

I am in my last semester of college... WHOOP! I just finished interning in a Kindergarten classroom. It was a wonderful experience and I had a FABULOUS mentor. What a blessing! I graduate on December 17 and am filled with JOY! I can't believe that this journey is ending. I've made so many wonderful friends and learned much. Being back in Aggieland and hanging with 20 somethings has been keeping me young............... BUT, I am looking forward to being that mom I used to be or maybe a better version. I long for not being exhausted every evening and searching for quiet. I can't wait to spend my weekends with the rest of the family NOT in front of the computer. SO WHAT IS MY PLAN after graduation? Well, that is still up in the air. I am toying with the idea of homeschooling the boys. We are also working hard for my hubby to get an overseas assignment.... SOON! So really, I am not sure what I am going to be doing besides finally going through the piles of fire LOSS items in my garage. I started a box the other day it took me 4 hrs. to get through ;-) I am fast!

My honey, Dax, is doing great. He is loving his job which makes us ALL happy! He has been my pillar the last 2 1/2 years. I don't think I could have made it through school without him. He has listened to me cry, panic, and had to talk about numerous education topics that would bore most. He is my everything and I can't thank him enough for being the BEST husband and daddy any family has ever had!!!! His encouragement is what made my finishing possible.

Oh, and I have to also give HUGE props to my sister..... who has equally had to listen to me whine and cry and talk me off the ledge of giving up WAY too many times! She has also been our sick ward and taken care of my babies when I couldn't. I could always leave knowing they were happy and safe..... I sure love my BFF, my sister!!!!!!
My kids are champions! They have had way to many choose your own adventure dinners these last few years. I really have enjoyed being the person they run to excited to see at daycare or at home when I come in real late. I always remembered being jealous of Dax.... so now I have experienced that joy. Still, I am thinking I miss those cuddles and hugs on a more regular basis. The kids are all so proud to be coming to watch me graduate. They are equal in the experience. Without their love and strength nothing would have been possible.

Santa Paws has sent his pup! (our version of elf on a shelf)

OK... so I have been wanting to jump on the Elf on a Shelf band wagon, BUT I am cheap and didn't want to spend a ton of money! Today at Walmart I found this cute sock puppy. My kids are animal LOVERS and really like the idea of Santa Paws.... so Santa Paws is going to be sending us a PUP ;-)

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Well I have a good (really bad) excuse...

for not blogging in a while.... we had a house fire! Uhhhggg, but we are all safe Thank God! It happened in October and we are still out of our house....double uhhhhhggg. A poptart (or EVIL poptart as the kids call it) was left in the toaster. It was forgotten about and we left to go grab the boys from school. It was only a matter of 10 mins after my alarm company called the fire department. It was sooooo quick and scary and well just sad. During all of this I had an overwhelming sense of peace. It was obvious that this was all just STUFF. My family was safe and that was all that mattered. That peace has come and gone... most of the time it stays. Hotels, now a small apartment, CONTRACTORS, having to buy so much replacement stuff, and the kids emotions get trying at times. Still, we are very BLESSED! I just started back this semester and have 4hrs of field placement (yipppeeee) so I'm pretty busy. Still, I hope to get caught up on all my blogging. We have been doing soooooo much :-)
My new refrigerator had a hole burnt in it. The food inside was cooked! (naturally I had just grocery shopped...it was FULL) The freezer was still cold and had frozen food days later.... amazing!

Two days before the fire Dax and I celebrated our 15 year of marriage! These are my flowers with fire damage in the background.

Our family motto!