Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Our First Holiday

Sea Gypsy Village in  Sibu, Malaysia

Our first holiday was over the kids spring break. We did a 4 day weekend since Ollie's break was a different week. We drove 3 hrs into Malaysia and took a short ferry to Sibu island. It was a great relaxing weekend. 
Building a shelter from driftwood and found items on the beach.

Reading on our chalet porch

A friend who happened to be staying at the same resort!

The kids beds

Our bed with 2 of my men!

so sweet

Vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner... YUMMY!

I found a coconut!

Our Chalet

Playing cards


Relaxing in the shade

Swing me daddy!

Heading to scuba

Playing a game

Done scuba diving for the first time

Playing cards with friends from school

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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Well, it has happened

Well, it has happened... even though, we have physically been here since Dec. it seems like only in the last few weeks have we all started calling Singapore HOME and not the States! It may seem like a small thing but it feels BIG to me. We are all really coming to LOVE this place. Sure we still miss our family, but I guess that is easier with Skype and MagicJack... oh, and the trip we are planning to see everyone in June just around the corner :-) 

Truly, I can't wait to have visitors here. I am so excited to share our new home with family and friends!

We have been busy keeping up with the kids activities. Mainly, the girls. The boys are content to hang close to home and play video games ;-) Emma is gearing up for her part in Peter Pan. She is so excited to be playing Mrs. Darling. Delaney has started intense training in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. She is training 5/6 times a week and loves it. I love watching her passion for it. Jax has been preparing for his school's exhibition and been a bit stressed over the size of the project. He is very glad it will be over next week. Ollie is loving school and has really come far in reading!!! Dax is loving the challenges that work is giving him. Both of us started working out with a trainer at our gym. He is kicking our butts!!! I've got some exciting news but am waiting on some final paperwork before I share :-) 

Here are some pictures from the last month or so:
Playing with bubbles

My beautiful 4 at Singapore Botanic Gardens

We went to see Ironman 3! 

We are quickly approaching 1 year plant based! Wow, if you had asked me last April if we would all be vegan I would have thought you were crazy! Now, we are the crazy ones and not looking back. We all feel so much healthier. Eating this way has been such a blessing for us.

Emma and her boyfriend at Othello, Shakespeare in the park.

My handsome hubby reminding me of my Dad. This is how he always looked after work wearing his white undershirt!

Me wearing my Mom's scarf... it still smelled like her! I was missing her this day and it made the day better.

She had her hair done by our 4 year old neighbour!

Cut his curls off!

Reading Diary of a Wimpy Kid.

Mother's Day with my babies. 

Singapore Botanic Gardens

Me and my babies... they are all getting so big!

Sweet boy

So lovely

Gorgeous girl

De loves giraffes so we had to get this!

Sitting on the throne!

Acting Silly

Even sillier

1 upping everyone else! 

Speak no evil, Hear no evil, See no evil

He is a FAN of these plants!

Century tree

Goofing off
After Aggie Muster in Singapore

Fear her ;-)

SPOILED with a phone! Being a city kid traveling on his own on the subway... he really needed it!

My MOST Precious moments

The boys tried out soccer on the floating pitch!

We enjoy our daily SMRT rides!

In a taxi, he loves days I get us a taxi home!

Heading to training

Date night with my handsome man!