Wednesday, March 6, 2013

MacRitchie Reservoir Park

We went on a fun hike one Saturday to MacRitchie Reservoir Park. We did the treetop walk. It was great fun. One thing I love about Singapore is there are lots of places to get outdoors and explore. We can let the kids run free. It was very muddy the day we went... rainy season and all. I think that helped to make it more fun :-) We saw lots of monitor lizards and a few monkeys. The plants and trees were equally fun to see. We were hot, dirty and sweaty when we finished which is right up my crew's alley!!!

On our way out, we passed a monkey getting into a trash can. There was a small crowd gathered around watching him. The boys started getting a little too close and that sucker showed its nasty, large teeth. Yikes, they don't lie on those signs that say feeding the monkeys alters their behaviour and may makes them aggressive. Um... scary! Thankfully, I pulled them back fast. Oh, they thought it was AWESOME.... so what do I know ;-)

lots of stairs

The kids were so cute. This was them taking a picture of the first monkey they saw :-) I love the sparkle it captures in their eyes. 

Emma was a great sport this day and let me take lots of pictures of her!
Getting around the mud and water.


Beautiful trees

We love all the signs that are posted here ;-)

Posing for Mom! 
On the bridge

Sweet brothers and best friends! They both carried a camera this day and got lots of great shots!

My loves

 Don't turn back... but you also can't pass the monkey!
Aren't the trees amazing?!?!

 Very TRUE sign!!!
Near the end of our hike... they all still had smiles!

My sweet Delaney and I
 I'm unarmed!!!

Great World City Serviced Apartments

The first 2 months we moved here we lived in a serviced apt. We were waiting on our shipment to arrive. It was very close quarters. A three bedroom and we had very little privacy. Sometimes we really got on each others nerves. What was great about Great World was that we were connected to the mall and grocery. We could even bring the cart of food straight to our room. We had a fabulous pool. There was a lovely lounge by the pool we could have snacks and drinks. There are a cool playground and tennis/ basketball courts. We were ready to leave but it really was a neat experience.
Below are pics from our stay!
Doing school work

Reading by the pool

Facebooking by the pool

Jumping for joy

Flipping Ollie

Sleeping on the couch

Jax reading by the pool

Looking at the turtles

Up too early... ready for school... kind of

Waiting on a taxi

Sleeping on the couch

Ordering at the pool lounge

Waiting on a taxi ;-)


Cooling off

Working out at the gym in Great World city

Swimming with my guy

Playing Xbox live with his cousin in the states!
Driving his boat in the pool

Hanging with friends

Groceries in the lift

Ollie by the pool

Off to the mall alone!

Dinner in our apt

Pretty palms and girl!

My grocery helpers

Praying he catches the ball ;-)

Family fun

Roof top playground

First Christmas in Singapore

Our living room in Great World

Carrying home gifts

A hard life ;-)

Afternoon rain heading our way

Swimming in the rain

Facebook and reading

Cooking cuties

See cart in the apt.

Playing ball in the pool

playground at great world