Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Throwback Thursday: 5th Grade Graduation and 8th Grade Graduation

Last June, Jax graduated from 5th grade. Emma and Delaney graduated from 8th grade. They all did this a Stamford American International school. The 5th grade celebrated after with a snack and cake. The 8th grade had a fun banquet.

One Year

WOW! It's been a year since I last posted. No way I can catch up with everything thats happened over the last year. I will bullet out some of the highlights at the end of this blog with the intent of writing some throwback Thursday post to catch up on what I've missed writing about.

I've been feeling a pull to get back to documenting our life after reminiscing reading my blog book Dax gave me a few years ago. Plus, there is so much going on in our lives these days that I don't want to forget. I decided to open the blog today only to realise that its been almost exactly one year... and we just return from our second trip to Sea Gypsy which is what the post before this is about. SO... it's time to get started again.

A year in review:

  • First trip home to the States: It was a whirlwind. We love seeing family and friends, but didn't get to see everyone we wished! We were ready to return home to Singapore by then end of the trip.
  • First summer in Singapore: The kids and I enjoyed sight-seeing, Universal Studios, Water parks, and each others company. We took a quick trip to Indonesia for a beach holiday as a family.
  • Started a teaching job at the same school I had the boys in. I had wonderful students who I came to love and some of the best friends while working there. Unfortunately, the school wasn't a good fit for me and the boys so we left after second term.
  • The girls started HIGH SCHOOL!!!! Where did the time go?!?! Jax started 6th grade! Holy Cow! I feel old ;-) Ollie is in 3rd grade... can't he stay my baby forever!?!?
  • Emma and Dede were in the play The Matchmaker. They were fabulous. I love watching them act.
  • Dax and I attended a wedding in Chennai, India. We also went to Dehli and saw the Taj Mahal. It was such a wonderful trip spending time as just a couple. I am certainly lucky to be married to my friend. We just have so much fun being together.
  • We had our first visitors: Mom and Harold came for a visit! We (the girls had school and rehearsals so they stayed behind) went on trip to Nikoi Island in Indonesia. It was magical. It is one of my favorite places on earth! It was super relaxing and great family time. Unfortunately, I had to work part of the time they were here. The girls were then on break and played tour guides showing off our home.
  • The girls went on their 9th grade trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand. They did a service project at the Wildflower Home, enjoyed some team building activities, and went sight seeing.
  • Dax, Delaney, and Jax attended a Metallica concert. They were all in their element and rocked the night away.
  • The boys took ukulele lessons. They learned a few songs, but gave it up after a few months.
  • We planned on spending our second Christmas in Singapore. We bought Christmas tree and decorated. Unfortunately, Dax's Granny passed away and we decided that we would fly back to say our goodbyes. Only a month before Dax's Grandma had past and we were unable to return due to both of our jobs. Both of these women helped to molding Dax into amazing husband, father and man that he is. We all loved these women so much they will be missed, but we are eternally grateful for the time we had with them. The short time we had on this trip home was fabulous and we really enjoyed spending time with the family.
  • In January, the boys started school at the German European School Singapore. They are in the European section which speaks English. They are having the time of their lives. We feel very lucky. It was a super easy transition and they made friends so fast. 
  • My high school friends moved to Singapore! We have enjoyed reconnecting and it barely feels like anytime had past even though it was close to 20 years ;-) Our kids love each other which makes it all the better. We have even joined them on 2 trips (KL, Malaysia and Sibu, Malaysia). 
  • I joined a bootcamp where I met the some of the most lovely ladies who I get to sweat with twice a week.
  • We went to the Singapore air show. It was really exciting. Dax and I couldn't help but think of the air shows he worked when he was in the Marine Corps. 
  • Ollie turned 10! We celebrated with a laser tag party and a large group of 3rd grade boys. 
  • We returned to Nikoi for spring break. This time the girls joined us. Again, it didn't disappoint... if only I could move there ;-) I guess being a boat ride away is good enough!!!
  • Dad and Tammy came for a visit. We showed them all around Singapore and even took the on a day trip to Indonesia for golfing and a day at the spa.
  • The girl's dear friend from Houston who now lives in the UK came for a visit. I don't think I've ever seen teens smile as much as they did! It was so wonderful having her here. I love that technology allows the girls to keep in touch.
  • We enjoyed family day at Dax's work where he was able to show us all his office. We enjoyed a talent show, games, food, and all around fun. I even got to be a judge in the talent show!
  • Dax and I took a long weekend trip to Cambodia. I sure do like just being with him! We both fell in love with the people and temples. We will definitely return with the kids. 
  • Emma was in The Wind in the Willows at school. She did wonderful as the Magistrate. That girl is so committed to being an actress it amazes me. She is so talented.
  • Dede has enjoyed learning how to print in 3D, being part of the Stamford eye where she films and photographs school events.
  • Both girls are on the schools rugby team.
  • Jax was Courtesan in Comedy of Errors. He loved dressing up like a girl. That kid is such a ham ;-) He also enjoyed track at school.
  • Jax went on his 6th grade school trip to Bintan, Indonesia. He had lots of fun and got to know his classmates even better.
  • Ollie went on an overnight trip to the Singapore Zoo with his 3rd grade class. He was beyond thrilled. He was totally in his element. He even got to put up a tent and sleep outdoors.
  • Ollie has been playing golf and swimming at school. He loves them both, but thinks next year he will only do swimming.
  • Both boys were taking riding lessons and learned a lot. They recently gave it up to have their Saturday's back.
  • Over the last year, we have made so many treasured friends. Our dear neighbours became more like family... sadly, they have recently repatriated and we miss them so! In the month ahead, we are once again saying goodbye to more dear friends. Although it hurts, we are so excited that the expat life allows us the opportunity to meet people from all around the world and quickly become  close friends. Big plus now, we have lots of new places to visit!