Monday, April 26, 2010

A Chicken Littlebrook & the so much more!


I am sitting here sipping my CHOCOVINE trying to"RELAX".... I should be fine tuning the 2 papers due shortly or studying for the plethora of finals closing in.... but I found myself compelled to document the humor and joys in my life lately..... WHERE DO I START?!?!?! I am sure I'll leave TONS out:

*A couple of weeks ago driving down the road in Dax's suburban w/ almost 200k mile on it:
"I love this car! It's the BEST one we have ever owned. It rides so nice... my King Ranch Expedition doesn't hold a candle to this truck!"

NOT EVEN AN HOUR LATER: the Suburban broke down on Dax!
~All is well it's fixed now and running great (virtual fingers crossed) & we were thankful Dax wasn't hurt when it abruptly STOPPED!

*"I've got a lot of JUNK in MY TRUNK MOM!" Ollie exclaimed on the ride home from the doctor (our 100th that week...slight exaggeration ;-)

"Oh, really what does that mean Ollie?"

"DUH, I have been putting lots of food in my body!!!"

*Thank GOD for sweet little ones who make even the shortest conversations special!!!

~~~I know so much more has happened but it's a fog: soccer games, volleyball games, baseball games, a MESSY house, work, school, sick kids (x's4), sick mom.......

*Fast forward to Sunday night:

Pillow Fight GONE WRONG- after a wonderful day spent hanging out in Yaya's wonderful forest and ponds...the cousins & friends gathered for a fun pillow fight 14yrs to 6yrs all joining in the fun!

I lean over to my sister: "I should probably stop this.... someone is going to get hurt!"

NEXT second....two of my children are screaming! One with hurt feelings the other really HURT! Jax had been landed on by a 187 lbs friend.... all 55 lbs of Jax were squished impacting the jaw/ chin area.... LONG story short I took Jax to the ER & everything check out just soft tissue bruises and swelling.

SO Jax looks STRANGE and we all keep describing it: upside down teardrop, Jay Leno, light weight champ, tall head egg head...... and my favorite:

We are heading out the door and Jax starts bawlking like a CHICKEN and I say "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" His answer was "Well I look like a CHICKEN so I thought I would act like it!" He went on to tell me (you KNOW JAX IS a CHICKEN EXPERT!) they have the same thing under their necks JUST LIKE ME!!!! ....... so we are left with CHICKEN LITTLEBROOKS... his new nickname!


Dax and I bolted (really fast in my mind ;-) out the door for a quick run before getting everyone ready for bed. It was a great night... perfect weather, the moon sparkling through the was such a blast, so peaceful, so....*****RING,RING,RING****** "Hello, hey man! We are headed right home........"(there was more to this but I will spare you) My neighbor (wonderful man) was on the other end with Dax recounting that ALL 4 of my kids had just come over because the fire alarm was going off. I am so proud of my kids... they got out of the house together and did as I have instructed in an emergency. Dax sprinted home....I ran home slightly slower.... firefighters arrived.... not fire just a haywire alarm....THANK GOD....

anyway, I'm tired.....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Happy Hump Day & Happy

Birthday in Heaven to Robin!

Making me Happy today are sweet, funny and even silly memories of Robin. Memories of the light if excitement when the kids would see her... loving you Aunt Robbie and Happy Happy you blessed our lives!
If you get a chance stop by Robin's Blog!
Now off to get a cake for tonight!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Aggie Ring

I grabbed the sentence above (& below) from & NOW I can very seriously say this is TRUE! Wow, what an awesome day....April 16, 2010... my RING DAY! Dax & I got the kids out of school early and drove to Aggieland. It was so much fun...I even had tears in my eyes as Dax slipped the ring on my finger. It was also so special to share some neat traditions with the kids.

I have 2 years till I graduate in the Spring of 2012 but I am a Senior and I worked hard for all those hours. Plus, this is my reminder that I'm gonna do it... I CAN DO IT! Well, I am super proud and had to share a few of my pictures.

The ring worn by all Aggie graduates is the same except for the class year. This serves as a common link for former students. When an Aggie sees the ring on another Aggie's hand, a spontaneous reunion occurs.
The Aggie Ring is one of the most symbolic of our traditions. Everything seen on the ring represents a value that an Aggie should hold. On the top is a large shield, which symbolizes the desire to protect the reputation of the university. The 13 stripes on the shield represent the 13 original states of America. The five stars on the shield refer to the phases of development of any Aggie: mind or intellect; body; spiritual attainment; emotional poise; and integrity of character. The eagle symbolizes agility and power, and the ability to reach great heights.The large star on the side of the ring symbolizes the Seal of Texas. The five-pointed star is encircled with a wreath of olive and laurel leaves symbolizing achievement and a desire for peace. The live oak leaves symbolize the strength to fight for our country and our state. The leaves are joined at the bottom by an encircling ribbon to show the necessity of joining these two traits to accomplish one's ambition to serve.An ancient cannon, a saber, and a rifle are on the other side of the ring and symbolize how citizens of Texas fought for their land and are determined to defend it. The saber stands for valor and confidence, while the rifle and cannon stand for a preparedness and defense. The crossed flags of the United States and Texas recognize an Aggie's dual allegiance to both nation and state.Traditionally, students wear their ring with the class year facing them to signify the fact that their time at A&M is not yet complete. During Senior Weekend at the annual
Ring Dance, the student's ring is turned around to face the world proudly, just as the Aggie graduate will be ready to face the world.