Monday, April 13, 2009

Art for the girls room!

The girls and I made some cool art work for their new walls. I had seen something similar in catalogues that was HIGH priced. So I being the thrifty gal that I am I went in search of something we could do for less.

The girls picked out their favorite scrapbook paper

and glued them randomly on the backing of a poster frame.

This is what we ended up with....much cooler and made by the girls!

They are now hanging in the girls room one horizontal & one vertical!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

What's Happening?!?!

I am constantly thinking about things I need to write..... but darn it if I can't remember half of them when I sit down! Here are a few I can remember ;-)

  • Jax has an abscess with acute cellulitis... all this from an ant bite on the finger! They cut it open and packed it with meds & gauze. They are keeping the wound open to drain. No school the rest of the week! Yuck!!! The tough guy didn't even cry while they did it!

  • We have found an awesome website to study spelling words! It was recommended for my dyslexic child but all are enjoying. Jax even got me to make up a fake list last weekend so he could "play" on it.... the list was about baseball!

  • Oh, another cool site Math Models.... Great for Girls learning math facts!!!!

  • My boys are so happy they are making BIG friends with the boy next door! Thankfully, his mom is very nice & doesn't seem to mind what I call STALKING THE NEIGHBOR! If they are outside the kids climb the fence and yell the boys name. No privacy for them ;-)

  • I got some really good deals on some art for the house. YEA... I am in love with the work of the artist Rodney White (check him out) I probably went over board with his work but that's what I do! His work is so positive... it has a vintage look to it one of my favorites has the saying "We tend to seek happiness when actually happiness is a choice" LOVE IT! For over the fireplace I got All In Good Time by Ford Smith. It is so bright and the colors change as the daylight changes. I like just sitting and looking at it....daydreaming! Oh how I LOVE art. I need a museum fix soon ;-)

  • I am really enjoying living close to my family. I see my sister often and really enjoy her company. My brother just celebrated his 40th birthday and my sister-in-law gave him a wonderful party! It was fun FUN! Happy Birthday Big Brother!!!! I have also been able to see my Cousin Kim and her son (super cutie). It is really nice to have family :-)

  • The girls had their 1st new friend sleep over. To my relief she is a very sweet polite girl. They had a blast and giggled late into the night.

  • WRESTLING..... yep you read it right! The boys at 5 and 6 they are learning to wrestle and LOVE it. Dax has enjoyed taking them 2 days a week & learning about it himself. We got them the cutest wrestling shoes... so little! It really is a thinking man's sport....every move has to be calculated. Who knows if it will stick but we like exposing them to different options!

  • The girls are taking Golf and loving it. We just had to buy them a larger set of clubs....we got them pink.....ohhhhh! De is excelling and Em is making friends ;-)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Cupcakes for Dinner

Tonight, I made cupcakes for dinner.........yum! I put some veggies on our plates and told everyone to pick out which color they wanted. "REALLY.... we get to eat them now!!!!" Dax kept looking around for what else went with dinner. He was very polite but looked a little concerned!

The boys and De took theirs & quickly started to lick the icing off. "This doesn't taste like icing!" They said. "Oh really,What does it taste like?"
"It taste like mashed potatoes!"
Then I yelled...."April Fools!"
So the dinner was meatloaf muffins with colored mashed potatoes!
I got the idea from Family Fun.
The kids and Dax were all totally surprised! About 10 minutes before they all got home, I put in some berry muffins so the house smelled like sweets. Dax said he was so relieved because all he had for lunch was a bar. He was starving! They ate these up....what a great laugh!