Thursday, July 30, 2009

Happy Hump Day: better late than never!

This week has been VERY hectic! I had left the girls in Del Rio to hang with their cousin and have some fun on their own. (Which they DID for a couple of days ) Well, on Monday night Angie called to let me know Delaney was in severe pain. She took her to the hospital and they were thinking it was appendicitis. We were 6 hrs away and it was 11pm......we quickly loaded bags and the boys in the car and started our long journey. Many a prayer was said that night. Thank God it appears we caught it early enough and it can be cleared with antibiotics and pain meds. Poor thing was sobbing and shaking VERY unlike her!!! When we rolled into Del Rio it was 5AM and she was at Angie's passed out from the drugs! She didn't feel like traveling till this morning and still is having pain and keep those prayers coming!
Anyway, my Happy Hump Day is my sweet girl Delaney and that she is SOOOOOO like me she asked Angie to take a picture of her IV... to show to the boys!!!!

Monday, July 27, 2009

San Antonio Trip

Our trip was filled with fun! My sister Leah & cousin Angie along with their kids joined us. We hung out at the hotel and enjoyed the pool. Also, we went to the Witte Museum... so fun I recommend it!!!! Mom, Harold, Danny, Stacey and kids joined us on Sat. for the Witte & lunch! On the last day, Dax and I took our crew to the Alamo and the Buckhorn Museum. It was a great time packed into a weekend! Here is a picture collage of the highlights!!!!

We Moo Anything 4 FREE Food!

My crazy sister and I dressed our herd up to get free food from Chick Fil A the other day! We had a lot of fun and enjoyed seeing all the other homemade cows!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Happy Hump Day

Making me happy this Wednesday is my cousin Angie! I will be, as you read this, spending the week with my dear cousin in Del Rio! I am soooooo excited and am CERTAIN that there will not be slump in my week spent with her and her son!!!!!

Here is a recent picture of us!

Monday, July 20, 2009


My 10 year old girls have really gotten into making signs lately. Most of the time it is a "No little Boys allowed!" "Keep Out" "I'm on the phone!" sign on their door.
Well, last week Emma came downstairs to tell me Dede had thrown up. After making sure she was OK, I told Emma we would let Dad know after his conference call was over. I am not very good at puke and if I don't have to clean it up we are all better off! I do clean it when I have too ;-) Emma is a bit obsessive when she decides something needs to get done (especially when it comes to her twin). She NEEDED to let her dad know and he NEEDED to know RIGHT THEN!!!!

So as Dax was working hard in his office, he looked up from his desk to see Emma holding this sign on the other side of his french doors!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Animal Planet NEVER ENDS!

"What do you mean Ollie?" I asked.

"Animal Planet NEVER ends!" he replied.

"OK?!?!" I said slowly.

Arm stretched out he kept going, "Mom, Animal Planet NEVER ends! It just keeps going and going! LIKE GOD!"

"Oh, I see!"

"YEAH, Jax told me!" he bounced away saying VERY PLEASED!

The other day Ollie was telling me how his BROTHER teaches him so much. How his brother is so smart! He said at night when they are in their bunk beds, Jax tells him about EVERYTHING! It is so SWEET how much he loves him. We are so BLESSED and they are my proof God's love NEVER ENDS! I am proud they can see it too! I went to snap a picture for this post and said get together. They set themselves up in this pose..... it is LOVE no matter how it looks..... they are BOYS after all

Friday, July 17, 2009


I loved this (above link) post so much today on Ordinary Courage!
I made my comment answering these questions...just thought I would share!
It is GREAT to think about!!!!

Who/what are you trusting today?
Today, I am trusting that going back to college is the PERFECT next step!
Who/what are you grateful for today?
Today, I am grateful for my husband who is helping me navigate on this great journey!
Who/what is inspiring you today?
My 4 kids are inspiring me today. They showed so much JOY at the children's museum today while learning new things!

what's your TGIF???????

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

What makes me happy on this Hump Day?

Oliver wanted cereal for breakfast and was so sad when I told him we were out of milk. I told him fix it dry if he really wanted it. His BIG brother Jax made him cereal anyway and used Chocolate Syrup....yummy!

So I am Happy today because of improvising kids,

Chocolate Syrup Golden Grahams and Big Brother's with BIG IDEAS!

Monday, July 13, 2009


When I was about 4yrs old, everytime time I saw a stop sign I would shout out S~T~O~P....STOP! Jax now does something similar with speed limit signs. It is so nice to hear "Speed Limit 35, Speed Limit 50, Speed Limit 70....." from the backseat. REALLY, often I even ask him what the limit is because I am spaced out. See I am spacing out now...
today's post is my shout out to say
today, stop to enjoy your family. Hug your babies. Make some extra special memories. I am writing this post as a memorial to a special little angel, Matteo Martino! I never met this little boy, but his mother's posts have moved me. I linked to this blog from Rachal's family blog. This is the beautiful thing about about the web.... people connecting, lifting one another, reminding each other what matters. Matteo's mother Jodi writes about knowing that her angel has touch so many others. I wanted to continue this.... so when you read this and link to the families website Remember, Angel Matteo has touched you and your family and say a prayer for HIS family!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Our First 4th of July

After spending the 4Th of July in Plum Creek for 8 years, we spent our FIRST 4Th of July in our new neighborhood. In the morning, the girls were with their Nanny but they all joined us later in the day. Watching the Parade!

Limbo contest.... Ollie How LOW can you GO!

Jax CAN go VERY LOW!!!!

Fun Family Time
Sword fighting with Dad

Hula hoop contest.... Jax Did every contest and dance! He had a blast. Ollie made new friends and swam most of the time.
"Super" Mom getting some love!

Nanny and Dede all patriotic!

Making a whirlpool!

King Jax!!!

Smoke bombs, poppers and sparklers.....then we watched fireworks from the fort in the backyard! It was a wonderful 1st in our new home :-)