Thursday, September 18, 2008

Ike welcomed me home!

At the beginning of this month my girls sat on my bed in Kyle and interviewed me about my most memorable weather event. I told them all of my memories of Hurricane Alicia.....

One week later, Dax and I were trying to decide if we wanted the kids 1st weekend in Houston to be spent with Hurricane Ike. So after 4 days at their new school (which they love) we headed back to the house in Kyle. We stayed high and dry with my sister, her 3 kids, Dax's dad and Grandma. We thank God for knowing we would once again need this house as refuge!

It was a very emotional weekend. Dax's hometown, Bridge City, went mostly under water. His Aunt had decided to stay in her home... she was rescued by Coast Guard the next day. We are very thankful that everyone is safe!
Dax drove to help his family get things out. It looks like his Mom and Grandma just lost carpet and a few items. His Dad and Aunt lost everything. Everyone is displaced and very upset. Things were finally being rebuilt after Rita's devastating winds tore everything down.... they have a long road ahead of them and could use our prayers. Here are a few of the pictures he took in Bridge City.

As for dad's Houston house, it just has down tree limbs and one little tree.

We still have no clue about the bay house. His area actually looks like it may be OK. Click Here to link to photos of Pirate Cove. I am keeping my fingers crossed. I would have NEVER moved to Houston to live with them if they didn't have another home. It just feels wrong to push my large crew on anyone..... what to do?!?!
******Dax has all of his photos on his website. they are under about me, labeled Ike 1 and 2!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I have so many things on my mind I can't keep them straight...

  • house has not sold but is getting TONS of showings.... confident it will move fast now!
  • after prayerful consideration we have decided to go on to Houston and start the kids on Monday at the school near my dads house.

  • Dax is my CONSTANT!

  • We are REALLY going to miss our friends.

  • need to buy school supplies...... AGAIN ;)

  • had to tell my pediatrician of 7 years goodbye today.... will miss her and her nurse!

  • I ache thinking of the boys missing their buddies next door... it was so hard on the girls when their next door buddies moved away!

  • The kids jumped up and down about starting a NEW school

  • MUST quickly find 4 yr old a MDO....he thinks he will be a bear and start soon

  • I am so happy every night next week I will lay my head to sleep next to Dax...
  • 4yr old lives in his back pack
  • 3 of 4 kids got shots OUCH.... all had check ups... 4 back on allergy meds .... my pocket book says OUCH!
  • burned my chin when eating pizza.... it's sooooo lawsuit I cooked it
there is sooooo much more but I will spare you more of my run away brain......Here are some random pictures of my crew:

and yes he even uses the potty with his new Batman Backpack!!!!