Thursday, November 20, 2008

Asthma and Emma

Unfortunately, the two go hand in hand. Watching your child struggle for air is one of the most scary things ever. She had her first problems with asthma when she was only 6 month old. I have many unpleasant memories of late night emergency visits to hospitals. This past week at 9 1/2, she had an awful attack at (white face & blue lips) and is slowly getting better.

We have been counting our blessing:

  • The school nurse is wonderful and recognized Em's asthma "cough" (her typical sign)
  • She is on the mend and new meds!

  • We just found a new pedi that seems to be very wise about asthma! They are HUGE about prevention

  • Dax comes home for Singapore TODAY!

  • The rest of the kids colds are getting better. Plus, I actually feel GREAT.... 1st time in months with the chest cold :)

Here are some Asthma links with great information:

~12-3-08: Emma is doing much better and is adjusting well to new preventative meds. We went in for a check-up... she is still scoring low on her peak flow meter but hopfuly we can get that up. She was able to get her flu shot.... YEA! She has not been well enough till now.... this helps me breathe a sigh of relief!!!

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Good Times & Good Friends

What a wonderful couple of weekends.... I just had to blog about it. Dax has been out of the country this was my second weekend alone. This by far is NOT the wonderful part...
I miss him sooooo much!
Last weekend, we had a lot of fun. We celebrated Mary's birthday! I must say I have an AWESOME mother-in-law. It was great the kids and I got to celebrate with her! An added plus, we saw more family and a special cousin my girls LOVE seeing. We also got to see my grandfather celebrate 50yrs of being a Mason in the Masonic Lodge. (My kids thought it was super cool he has a connection to "National Treasure" which is a favorite movie around here!) It was a very touching ceremony. My brother's family and sister's family were there. We had a nice time together. Unfortunately, I forgot my camera.... traveling with 4 kids alone..
pretty good excuse :)
O.K. on to this weekend.... after a week of homework, homework, more homework, and just the everyday taking care of 4 other people, I needed some "Big" girl time! On Friday night, I dropped all 4 off at gymnastics fun night. They had a blast! I also had a wonderful time hanging with Anne, her parents and hubby. We ate dinner and talked. It was so nice and comfortable.
I just love them bunches!

On Saturday, I just stayed home all day. I had a revolving door of neighbor kids in and out. WONDERFUL!!! In the afternoon Holly, Sherry and their kids came over. We had 11 to 13 kids in the house at any given time. Surprisingly, a little Rum makes kids whining seem less annoying. We talked, laughed and played some dominoes. These ladies are really a blessing in my life. Plus, their boys & my boys have a special bond that I think will last a lifetime!
This weekend was just what the Doctor ordered. Driving back to Houston with renewed spirits, I tried to gather my thoughts to the week ahead. I know someday this will feel like home. It seems so far off. Hopefully, when we get to buy a house and settle in one spot the HOME-like feeling will appear. At least on Thursday night late.... my hubby will return and he is my
#1 feeling of home.

These 2 pictures are some cute ones of my kiddos before school last week.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Great Pine Cone Wars....

A Long Time Ago (this past weekend)

In a Galaxy Far, Far away......................

There was a battle called the Great Pine Cone War!

3 of my 4 children have battle wounds from this Great War. The one above was the easiest to photograph. My brown eyed boy has his in the hair... with a giant bruise. The littlest man... his was too close to the bum ;) My 12 year old nephew also had some scratches. What were these kids thinking?..... and yes they were told NOT to throw pine cones at each other!

Monday, November 10, 2008


Happy Birthday to My Marine and All Marines!

1775: Founding of the Marine Corps
A Legacy is Born
During the American Revolution, many important political discussions took place in the inns and taverns of Philadelphia, including the founding of the Marine Corps. A committee of the Continental Congress met at Tun Tavern to draft a resolution calling for two battalions of Marines able to fight for independence at sea and on shore. The resolution was approved on November 10, 1775, officially forming the Continental Marines. As the first order of business, Samuel Nicholas became Commandant of the newly formed Marines. Tun Tavern’s owner and popular patriot, Robert Mullan, became his first captain and recruiter. They began gathering support and were ready for action by early 1776. Each year, the Marine Corps marks November 10th with a celebration of the brave spirit which compelled these men and thousands since to defend our country as United States Marines.