Tuesday, December 23, 2008

It's a GOOD sign....

~Note the CONTRACT PENDING on the sign! Well, what a wonderful Christmas present! The house in Kyle that we have made wonderful memories in for 71/2 years will be sold on January 14, 2009............YEA!!!!!! We are so ready now for the next chapter to start! We have found a new home in a beautiful community. I will upload photos ASAP!
Have a wonderful & blessed Christmas!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Bridge City Post Ike.... three months later

This past weekend we went to Bridge City to celebrate Christmas early. This small town is where my mom, cousins, and my husband grew up! The poor town was devastated on September 13Th by Ike's storm surge. Dax family was really hit pretty hard. His mom and grandma have been living on concrete and had all the sheet rock replaced in their homes. His dad & aunt just got a FEMA trailers and both of their homes need a tons of work. The town is full of FEMA trailers. The grocery store where Dax worked when we met is operating out of trailers. It is just so sad. I am amazed at how strong everyone is in the the face of such adversity.

Well, here are some pictures we took of the ongoing clean-up!

Stanley's FEMA trailer in his driveway.

View from the from yard of Stanley's home

Walking to the store!

Pawpaw's living room

This one Dax taking the picture in Robin's old room and behind us is Dax's old room! The boys had so much fun crawling through all the "walls"!

Mary making the most of her carpet-less floors had painted her walls.... and then had dress the floor a bit by adding a splattering of paint which actually looked awesome! But after her grand babies arrived she let them take to it with permanent markers.
We each took turns drawing and signing our names.

Jax made this HUGE heart... he said it took him hours! I have never seen that kids stay in one place for hours. I guess when you are 6 and write that many names.... it must seem like hours!

The girls made several with each others names. They love their cousin!

A good view of the whole floor. You can also see how Mary has been living with everything out of sorts. (Ok..... so our bags add to the drama of having nothing where it belongs!)

Just if you were wondering I still love him ;-)

Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas in Bridge City

This past weekend we celebrated Christmas with Dax's family.
****really I claim them... just wanted you to know which side ;-).
It was a wonderful weekend. We had lots of fun! It is great watching the kids enjoy family. We are so very blessed with FAMILY! Dax and I even got a date night. We went to see the movie Australia. It was awesome and very beautiful. It was VERY long but well worth it! Mary took us to the Pompano Club for a nice Christmas lunch. We enjoyed Santa, decorating cookies, live Christmas music and yummy food! We had a great time!
Here are just few picture from the trip:

I will post picture of the Post Ike Bridge City later.... eventhough I have been down there since Ike it still feels very weird. Speaking of un-easy feelings, this time of year is always hard when you have lost a loved one..... We Miss & love you, Robin!
Remember, hug those you have with you
just a little tighter this Holiday Season!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

'Tis the Season......

Last weekend we went to Austin and enjoyed the laser lights at South Park Meadows. The kids got to tell Santa what they want for Christmas.... Jax forgot.... good thing Santa already knows what he wants ;-)

We also got to spend some time at Mom's shop Texas Homegrown in Gruene. If you get the chance stop by, shop and tell her Hello! We had a nice visit but it was too short!
The house in Kyle is getting lots of traffic..... sell House sell!!!!!
All of the kids have been sick. Emma is doing pretty bad. Yesterday, she had a chest x-ray and a sinus CT. Looks like she still has a terrible sinus infection which is triggering the asthma. Oliver was put back on meds because his infection was returning. I am taking Dede in later today but..... my guess is return of the Sinus infection.
All in all..... we are very blessed!
We have help with the kids, a warm place to sleep, Doctors, and medicine.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Chef Delaney

Last night, Delaney cooked a yummy dinner. She wanted to cook Spaghetti. She browned the ground turkey. Then we realized that the noodles were BAD.... BUGS....yuck! After nixing spaghetti, she decided to cook mac & cheese and add the turkey. It was VERY good. De served a salad on the side. The meal was a huge sucess.

Here are my Stay Puft Marshmallow Men/Jedi.... aren't they cute in their $8 Walmart jackets!!

Poor Emma.... she is still struggling with her Asthma. She was sent home early after an attack yesterday at school. I have another appointment for her today!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Finding Joy....

in the little things!

My kids are my GREATEST TEACHERS! Today, after Emma got her flu shot I bought all the kids a huge lollipop. You can imagine their joy! My four year old finds joy when his brother reads him a book or ask him to play. Delaney finds joy in helping make dinner. Emma finds joy reading, reading and reading. Jax finds joy in making me laugh and climbing a tree! All four are bounding with joy when their Daddy walks in the door at night. Joy is found and so excitingly shared around me!!!
One of my favorite stories is when the boys were 4 & 2. We were driving to pick the girls up from school running late as usual when we got stopped by a train! I sighed a loud and digusted,"OH, GREAT!"
Immediately from the back Jax squealed, "OH, GREAT.... Ollie a train....look...look... OH, GREAT!" His joy was so BIG & BEAUTIFUL I could not help but feel it also. We rolled down the window and enjoyed the sounds of the train. I can't remember if we were late or not but the girls don't either. Still, everytime I get stopped by a train I feel Jax's JOY!
Anyway, as we enter the hectic Christmas Holidays try and remember to find joy even in the smallest things! Also, make sure to share it!!!!