Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Charm, Style and Knuckles!

The evening was winding down and I was in my room surfing the web. In runs my four year old,"Mommy you're so pretty!" pause and big hug "So... SOOOOO Pretty! And Daddy is so awesome!"
He is my lover. When with him, a minute doesn't pass without a passionate "I love you" or a hug.
He is a flirt! Most women fall for his four year old charm... ;) My sister says he has a way of making YOU feel like the most special person on earth! He has me charmed! I know for right now when he says, "You're the BEST mommy!" He means it. And when I am sweaty & stinky after a run and get "you're so pretty" to him I am! This summer he told the female lifeguards he was SUPERMAN! He told them but you CAN NOT tell my mom because she will be so mad!
Good thing he has charm because his since of style is VERY poor. This is what I let my 4 yr old wear out and about in Austin today. He was so proud!!!! He put gel in his hair and slicked it down... notice camo short! LIKE father like son......
Oh, one more little man story.... the boys had learned that it was "fun" to make a scene when hit between the legs. So we were hearing a lot of "oh, my balls" (not sure where they even heard it).... not polite... I know. It was getting so bad Dax told them it would be better if they grabbed their leg and said it was their knee. Well in my 4 yr olds head it became his knuckles... skinny dipping at mom's pool the other day he annouced to the whole family, "my knuckles are swinging in the wind!!!!" Last night, he fell on his bike and cried to me that he hurt his leg and knuckles.
BOYS!!!!!!!!! Got to LOVE EM!!!!
****check out my friend Holly's new blog**** Warning: Don't Run with Pencils! all I have to say is OUCH!!!!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

1st Day 1st & 4th Grade!

Middlebrooks School Kids

4th Grader 4th Grader
1st Grader
Kids & Neighbors

Walking to School

Upstairs BIG GIRLS!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Looking like mom!

Speaking about Moms.... My BEAUTIFUL Mother just turned 60! We had a wonderful surprise party for her! She was actually surprised. I spent the weeks before the party scanning in old photos....which is where I got the ones for this post... minus my BROWN eyed boy because it was already digital. The one below is of me and mom!

Well, I am still surviving being all alone..... but just barely. We have worked into a groove. The girls are incredibly helpful... even when little brother was puking the other night. The hardest part is I just miss my friend... miss his hugs.... and even just being silent together. Two days on the weekends IS NOT ENOUGH!!!!! Let us leave my pity party....
We have found a house!!!! It is beautiful. It has 5 bedrooms and a large gameroom....just right for this family of 6 :) We need this one to sell before we put the offer in.... SO sell house, sell!!!! EXTRA prayers would be appreciated!!!!
It seems weird. We will be moving to the area where I went to private school. Mixed feelings about that one ;) But it is a beautiful neighborhood.... I sooooo look forward to having large trees again..... gonna miss my hill country breeze!!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

My nephew is a tough guy!!!!!

One of the most wonderful days of my life was the birth of my 1st nephew. I was in the room when I offically became an Aunt. WOW!!! I almost pushed the Doctor out of the way and caught him myself! I first experienced the miracle of birth 12 1/2 years ago. This little boy had my heart from that moment on!Now, this young man continues to amaze me. I love his company. He makes me laugh. My nephew is so kind, smart, helpful, athletic...... ok I could go on and on....... (he SOOOOOOOoooooo much like his Aunt)!Anyway, he's my boy! So just imagine..... I am in Galveston at my Dad's bayhouse sitting by the pool when I hear, "He is hurt and they are calling an ambulance!" I was mad...... What, how, why am I just being told? Then I realized he wasn't even at the house, he was down and across the canal. I grabbed my keys. Dad & I headed to the yard where everyone said he was. (I want to add that my sister was at home in Magnolia having a garage sale) When I jumped out of the car I started yelling his name. A man yelled, " He is here!" I could hear the ambulance nearing. My nephew was laying in the grass moaning. A man was hold a blood soaked rag around his foot. He had been paddling the kayak in the canal with 2 girls. They got out in a shallow area and were having a mud fight. My nephew stepped into an oyster bed and cut his foot up. Oyster shells are sharp as razors. He had one giant gash and a few other small ones. Poor kid was in a ton of pain. He immediately applied pressure while in the water yelling for help. Dax said the boat was covered in blood. We spent the whole night in the ER and he got all stitched up. He is on crutches for 10 days.

My dad said that my sister, nephew and I were WEIRD for pulling out the camera and taking these while he was being stiched up. I spared you the before pictures with the gash open. Of course he was numb, in much better spirits, and ready to text friends pictures.Boy.... I love this kid.... Thank God we have a happy ending and he is on the mend!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I am GLAD that 2 men were in my bed!

Dax is officially living in Houston and has started at the new job. The kids and I are waiting here until the house sells. So far so good :) I must say I only had one night alone in my bed.....last night I had 2 men in bed with me......little men...... 4 & 6 yrs old to be exact!!!! I got a ton of good cuddling from them. Sweet babies.... all 4!!! They have been very good and are helping keep the house clean. The girls have come up to me several times just to give me a hug. All in all things are going fairly smooth....ants in kitchen, kid pooped on rug, pooped on chair, sick kid, ants in boys room...... but really it is weird so far it has just poured off of me like water on a duck's back. Of course it is only Tuesday night and it feels more like Friday.
I write as often as I can in a notebook a list of things I am thankful for.... one night a couple of months ago I was asking my youngest, who was wanting to write with me, what he was thankful for..... his reply was " I am GLAD that......." I can't remember about what but it really took me out of my box and opened up so many other things I am Thankful for. That night we wrote a whole page of things we were glad about!
So I close with a few things that made me GLAD today:

  • I am glad that the boys crept into bed with me last night!

  • I am glad Dax likes his new job and is excited!

  • I am glad I got time alone with each of the girls while walking today. Nothing better than chatting while moving the body!

  • I am glad that we got a little rain!

  • I am glad I really feel like Pollyanna!