Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

This Wednesday I am Happy and smiling with sweet memories of my sister-in-law Robin! I went to the Ford dealership today to pick up my car which was having work done. In the service line was 3 Blue Mustangs..... I felt like she was telling me hello!!! The picture above is the last picture we took together. It is from one of our lazy day soaking up the sun! We had SOOOO much fun with the kids this summer..... hard to believe it's been 3 yrs tomorrow!
Well, little sister............ Happy Hump day in Heaven!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Taking on a NEW shape!

The Middlebrooks are taking on a NEW shape!

I titled this blog Molding the Middlebrooks knowing that we are ever changing. Well, our mold is definitely changing! Over the last 10 years, I have been home with toddlers. I cleaned gallons of milk out of carpet, a whole bottle of chocolate syrup off of new carpets, and poop that was wiped in 2 different rooms at the same time (got to love twin thinking)! I spent many a day at library story time, kindermusik and playing at the park. I spent many of those years running with a double jogger.... 2 girls, 2 boys! I loved bring Daddy lunch and eating at the pond. Oh, so many naps with someone crying to stay awake and me crying for NEED of sleep! Play dates with dear friends and seeing my babies faces light up seeing a friend! Diaper bags to potty training. Dolls, trains, trucks, Polly Pockets, and dinosaurs. Singing silly song and reading fun books.
Teaching colors, letters and wrong from right. Slobbery kisses and messy hugs. Ring a round the rosies..... WE ALL FALL DOWN!
Where has the time gone?
Some days it seemed so slow.
NOW in 2 short weeks I will have 4 kids in elementary school, a Kindergartner, a 2ND grader and two 5Th graders. It seems like it all just blew by.....

Moody Gardens '01

Dax's last drill with USMC '01

Lake Lanier, Georgia '99

Atlanta, GA '99 our little sweeties

Kiddos '07

Bluebonnet '05

Brothers '04

Smiley Jax '02

Girls on Dad's homemade parallel bars '02

Waiting to be BIG sisters '02

Jax and Viv '05

Monkey Bar Girls '05

Curly Ollie '05

Well, I am starting a new chapter also. I am enrolled at Texas A&M University and will be taking 15 hrs towards a degree in Elementary Education. (When I first went to TAMU I was working toward an Environmental Design BA 98hrs but did not complete) I figure that I have loved teaching my children so much that it will be a natural fit for me! Delaney's struggles with reading has really inspired me to help other children learn to read.

Life it going to be hectic but I think we work well with a busy schedule. To make things more exciting Dax will be leaving soon for a 2 week business trip overseas. We will miss him but know that we can handle it.

All summer the kids have been working around the house and helping with chores like champs! Ok, so their rooms are not as great as I would LIKE but I am letting that go a bit.

We do teamwork to get EVERYTHING done. The downstairs is staying pretty organized.

We also bit the bullet after 8 months living in our house.... we decorated. I got a lot of,

"Wow, Mom it FEELS like home now!"

Wow, I feel better just typing it all out...

I am very excited, anxious, happy, nervous, loved, scared, and looking forward to all the wonderful twist and turns our life will take.

I can't even imagine how AWESOME our mold will be in 10 more years.

The girls will be 20yrs, Jax will be 17yrs and Oliver will be 15yrs.... wow!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Hump Day!

Making me happy Mid-week is this sweet post: I'll Grow Into It Daddy written by one of the GREATEST "Daddas" (my kiddos call him Dadda) I know, my husband Dax. I love that my boys want to grow to be just like him. It make me VERY happy! So this post might be cheating a bit..... but none the less.... it makes me happy! I can see Jax and Oliver very clearly as successful grown men, sweet husbands and wonderful fathers..... but am very glad that they still are my cuddly little boys for the moment!!!!