Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Our First Holiday

Sea Gypsy Village in  Sibu, Malaysia

Our first holiday was over the kids spring break. We did a 4 day weekend since Ollie's break was a different week. We drove 3 hrs into Malaysia and took a short ferry to Sibu island. It was a great relaxing weekend. 
Building a shelter from driftwood and found items on the beach.

Reading on our chalet porch

A friend who happened to be staying at the same resort!

The kids beds

Our bed with 2 of my men!

so sweet

Vegan breakfast, lunch and dinner... YUMMY!

I found a coconut!

Our Chalet

Playing cards


Relaxing in the shade

Swing me daddy!

Heading to scuba

Playing a game

Done scuba diving for the first time

Playing cards with friends from school

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Andre Y. M. Pakpahan said...

wow what a great family. before i'm sorry for my bad english. i've just started blogging today and found your blog. i'm indonesian if in indonesia we say 'Selamat datang di Indonesia' for greeting. i saw your picture with your great family, i think you should've come to indonesia especially Danau Toba. it's a beautifull lake.

Jungkeun Bae said...

beautiful family