Saturday, May 7, 2016


This article really speaks to me. We've been living in a flash flood of our own lately. We watched the proverbial tent floating down the river and are actively redirecting now! We are setting new goals.
"We’re always taught to never give up — “don’t be a quitter” — but honestly, what does “not giving up” look like in a flash flood?
When you’re slogging it out, giving something your all, don’t you ever stop and think, "Even if I could eventually break through this brick wall with my bare hands, do I really want to spend the next five years clawing at it?"
I suppose it depends on what’s on the other side, but sometimes I really think it takes a stronger person to back up, redirect, and choose a new goal. It’s something my mother does well and something I wish I did better."  ~Laura Munoz

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